poetry: "literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature." There are three main kinds of poetry: narrative, dramatic and lyrical.

>I mostly just tend to write how I feel;Sometimes I pretend like I'm writing a song, or if I just like how certain words sound together from my thoughts I'll write it all here. But to me, poetry is what you make it.


well, do you think we mean it?

do you really wanna scream?

do you want a blanket?

do you wanna hold me?

i kinda really like the way your

voice changes sometimes

it can sound so fucking sweet

do-you-do-you want to show me?

oh, it's been so long

we like to talk about what we've been up to

what have you been up to?

don't mind to teach me

i like the way i know that i kinda

drive! you! crazy!

please don't stop this now

i promise i won't make a sound

they don't got to know

and they don't have to now

i'll wait for you, no matter what it takes

don't you worry, babe

i'm right where i always been!

"no kisses?" // the sky went black by the shore

i didn't want it

i didn't want it

but it happened anyway, oh no

don't wanna hurt you

but i cannot open

can't open myself to you, oh no

i can't blame you, i can't blame you

you've been good

but i'm not good for you, i'm not good for you.

i think that i should just get going now

you ain't deserve none of this

maybe it's 'cause they were right all along

should i really hold it against him?


they won't ever understand

what it feels like to feel wrong

all the time only 'cause they all said you were.

i'll play your game

you didn't have to say it for me to know

i didn't wanna be the one to just go

it's kinda hard for me to tell by your face

could only tell that you like her more than me

and now my mind won't stop racing with each thought

you tried so hard but then i kinda forgot

we were just kids afterall, we meant no harm

tried to runaway but then he pulled my arm

can't be controlled,

cannot be tamed

let it

oh, i just wanna shrink & disappear..

tinted souls


she's like

a gloss pipe

she's something you want

right between your lips

her pale skin,

nice thighs

in her lace dress

i wanna claim her as mine

can't wait

for the night

because she's like

a gloss pipe

i want her bad,

i want her now

but she don't know

how to not make a sound

oh, oh

oh, oh

i'm his gloss pipe

he wants me between his lips

perhaps his teeth, too

but that's cool with me.

he likes to paint my skin red & purple

i don't know why but i don't mind.

just please

kiss me

do what i say now, don't tempt me

his greasy hair covering his eyes

as they both escaped into that night.

oh, oh

he likes her and she don't mind

oh, it's getting late now

she thinks he's kind of a bit too kind

1:33 am

you're so right...

you're feeling down.

you don't know how to feel;

we don't know how to feel

so, didn't you wanna tell me

how wrong that i have been ?

as long as it can feel nice,

all over your skin...

~da da da la la la da da da~...

won't you let me paint your mind

a pretty picture ?

want you to let me stay by your side

but instead, you hit her
(now she's down)

well i just wanted to say

wanted to say: i want you to stay

we can stand under this light
basking in

(you needed someone, you needed someone...)

4 when angels cry

you had a lot of history
with someone
then you
barely just got in touch with them
once again?

then he makes you kinda feel okay
then you forgot about it until yesterday
then he starts to kinda ignore you
right after you just let him through?

okay, okay
i just didn't
want to say
i'm feeling
kind of
a bit

i'm jealous.
i'm jealous
is that what you wanted & strived for?
is that why you string me along?

i'm jealous

i don't remember the last time that i was
such emotion really makes me sick
i never felt comfortable sharing this i
don't like the way you invited her.
don't like the way you're ignoring it
i know when i left
i got rid of your fun
you can't make me feel bad no more
or is it because of him?
maybe you got jealous, too
maybe this is what they once felt
many of years ago
oh, no
perspective gained..

there must be something wrong with me
i'm never really sought for
except for him
maybe it's what i deserve
i'm back where i was
but i let it happen
oh, no
i'm jealous...
i'll forget it.


she looked so roughed up
last night
wanted to lay
with me
but my room was too messy
so she went away
oh, no

her face
didn't really look like
her face
i felt
my temper
i should've
been nicer,
i know
but i'm still
fucked up
from what happened the
other day

i'm sorry.
but you should be,
we're in tough spots
it's been that way...

i'm sorry that you were led that way
i'm sorry that you had to be that way
i'm sorry you need that to be okay
i'm sorry i couldn't really help with that
i'm sorry....
i'm sorry....
that you're not okay
i'm not okay
with you not being okay
i'm fucking sorry
i don't know what to do
with all that i once knew
it was all a lie.
i'm really fucking sorry, mama
don't know what i can do...

i cry
as i sing
when will it be okay for us?
when will it be okay?
why can't it go back
to how it used to be?

this is a song
for when angels cry
for when angels cry
it's for when angels cry
it's when angels cry
this song's for when angels cry
angels when angels cry

don't you cry no more
it wasn't okay before
isn't okay now
but there's not much you could do
not much you can do
not much you can do
it's not your fault
we was placed in this spot
you will be okay
trust me
you'll be okay
trust me

mind spillage

upside down glass reflection
you're lacking stability
cars crashing every other street
harsh wind was way too cold
too cold for any form of comfort
empty skies,
what were once buildings now ashes
so quiet there was sound
made up from our heads
disrupted reality
unhelpful therapy
criminals getting away
everyone starving.
always starving
always bloodied
death in the air
no one to mourn
no one to care
not okay
are you okay?
are you?


forgot that was
the way you were.

too much

too expected

that's too expected
wouldn't go away until
you fell asleep
only for you to
wake up with one again
numb eyes
numb mind
pulsing head
itching skin
strings ripping
in your


that is all
i can feel
and think
what happened

ignored questions

relaxing aura
that you don't

laying on your side
where your
head aches
in hopes
of feeling

feeling so cold
bruised green skin
purple lips
stained body
sore knuckles
tender feet
pavement & cement
record scratching

i think it's
unhealthy for the mind
to read
words that
we correlate with
negative meanings
too much but
it's all my mind is
giving off
right now

i want
a therapist
but without
the extreme
can you just
please talk with me?

i would talk with
strangers right now, but
there isn't any

it's a big deal for me
because then i feel alone
& it's not good for me to
be alone.

i always saw myself
as someone who doesn't
need anyone
but why
am i
so uncomfortable
with actually

so many people say
they like to be alone but
have they ever experienced
complete disconnection
from everyone
& everything?
no way to play online
with some friends?
no way to call ?
or play games ?
or watch what you wanna watch ?
or listen to the music you want to listen to ?
many people who are alone turn to the internet to help make it sting a little less
but what about when
you're 100%
alone ?

dying out of nowhere
being exposed
being exploited

i keep thinking of
ways he could be better
ways for these people to be
better but
then i think of it and
he could be worse.......

i've known worse...
hope i don't
jinx it
i don't wanna jinx it

you was probably the best not gonna lie

i don't even remember how it started
im trying to remember but i cant think a thing
it was the way my legs rested within his legs
it was the way i'd stretch pushing against him
it was the way i was tapping him suggestively with my feet
it was the way he started to mercilessly tickle me
restraining me as he tried so hard to poke my ears and my nose
he was smiling down at me enjoying watching my harmless struggle
thats when our lips met
we was kissing
it was simple
then it wasn't
it got deep
he came on to me
put my hand on him
as we kissed
touching me too
im feeling amazing
but then next thing i knew
he was anxious
i don't know why
i kinda wanna just let him know that im alright
with what happened
i dont regret it
it was nice i admit it
maybe i dont want it to end
i never thought that things between us would ever go like this
it was enjoyable
for me afterall
wondered if he enjoyed it, too well, he told me that i, felt so good he wanted to--------

next day started awkward
overtime it started to go back to normal
but i know hes up right now
i wonder if hes thinking about it too ???
i want my phone to turn on
so i could see
i could see if hes even reached out to me
and if he hasnt
well i just might----

we don’t stop playing until the sun comes up

I don’t wanna become obsessed
I don’t wanna get so stressed
I don’t want you to get bored of me
Space, space, space
You know I’ll give you space
Don’t gotta go fast,
Pace yourself
I’m enjoying what I’m feeling
Don’t want it to go away

But probably
You feel it, too
I know
You do
Why can’t
You see ?
It’s killing me
Or maybe it’s not
But we like to talk
And make us forget
Of any sense of

You asked me, “what are we doing with our lives?”
Well baby we’re subconsciously escapees
We don’t know it just yet
But we’re both running away
Night and day
When we play
It feels nice
But the guilt trembles down your spine
Because it’s not productive
Well, I’m here to show you fun
Yeah, I’m here to show you it’s okay to have fun
Just to have fun

I don’t wanna become obsessed
I don’t wanna get so stressed
I don’t want you to just go and get up and leave
Space, space, space
I’ll give us space
We got a lot of time,
Might be worth the wait
We’re enjoying what we’re feeling
Why let it go away?


i want the light
sometimes, i do
i fall . . .
i've fallen again
i don't
want you no more
or maybe i did
just before
corruption is everything a person could be capable of
it's so easy
i feel like
a broken streetlight
nothing here but quiet noise,
how swell
take me in your army
take me in your army
take me in your army
take me in your army


i don't even wanna talk to anyone anymore

i just want someone to enjoy each other's presence

everyone is turning into robots

will i let that become of me?

will it become what i depend on?

satisfied uncertainty

you’re always my first choice,
but i’m never yours
take it slow then let me go
you’re too good to be true,
way too good to be true
i’m not like you
you see, i just don’t wanna be another replacement
like the same way i was there for you before
it’s gonna be the same way how i’mgonna get fucked
but i still want you
then i kinda don’t wanna be bothered at all
it's not you i swear it's more personal
i just don’t wanna get broken,
all over again
again and again and again and again
it’s the same old shit, just different ways
& all these different ways, we can talk about
i'm tryna tell myself that i don’t need you
cause none of this is even real, does it really matter?
and then what’ll happen next, well i'll just get hurt
and then we’ll separate, just like you & her
and then she’ll be right there, just for you
and then i’m nothing again, oh no
i kinda just want to crawl up & disappear
i'll throw myself into the void, i don’t wanna be here
is anyone even there? if not, that’s okay
i just didn’t wanna have to explain

i don’t trust you
even though he’s a joke
well, maybe hes the one who’s right,
i’m the actual joke
well, maybe he shouldn’t be with anyone
but then you'll always still see him with someone new
you see it anywhere, everywhere most of the time
he can’t admit to himself that he can't be alone
and then when late at night & he starts to get cold
it all might pop up right back in his mind
it’s not even your fault, i know i'm just trouble
i've got issues with anyone that i've known
because as dear as they might just seem to me
i know it's all made up just to try to please me
and then they take, and they take, and they take, and they take
and then they gain, and they gain, and they gain, and they gain
i can’t really see myself with you
please don’t take it the wrong way, because i do love you, i do

i just wish i could trust people more, but how else
when i can’t even really believe in myself
and i’m sorry that it’s so hard for me to express
in a way so complicated, misunderstood
if you’d like i’ll let you take a trip inside my mind
but then it’d scare you far away, back to planet earth
but then you might get the answers to everything
from how i feel about you to which wedding ring

then he always makes it right by the end of the night
he’s always got a really good way with his words
he can always tell when something is wrong in my voice
even when i ain’t really trying to show that i’m hurt
then the sounds from his lips make me forget of it
and then we’re back to laughing, happy again
i love the way he knows how to calm me down
i love the way he is i don’t wanna back out


i know what i'd have to do to make you all happy i just
never been a people pleaser
it's ironic in a way
yeah, baby
you're sick
i don't like you,
not one bit
if you knew who did it,
you'd tell me,
it's not wise to threaten me with a good night
it's what i like
hair straight & dark
metal on his teeth
he smiles whenever he speaks to me
where'd you go?
where'd he go
oh baby, i know you were just weak against your own ego
he's like a match
i'd ignite
i'd blow him out as soon as i got his light

adore me

when people they adore you they'll destroy you
haven't you noticed?
you deserve redemption but you've made it too late.

fuck me up

always disappointed never surprised
i see him when i look at you from the side
i was dumb & young & you've got me fucked up
whoever said any of them were wise?
took one look at you & now i just wanna sit on your face
how'd you get so perfect you're so my taste
he slapped my face
my mouth tastes like blood
didn't you know?
that's how he shows his love
he'll look into my eyes
until he'll, realize
the monster he's now truly become
was just the beast who's been there all along
am i as guilty if i'm just one of the ones
who merely tempted the bull wrapped in red silk
all i did was bring out what was already there
i should regret it, but i kinda don't

back to feeling empty
i wouldn't trust you with my life
i can't do it, please don't make me
i'd rather stand alone than beside you
he always comes back
what's he still want from me
i already gave him everything
> surprised he hasn't up and left
it's cause i'm his best
but he ain't mine
or is he?
if i tried to leave he'd say you better not
you might lose it you might lose it
i'd do it all
i'd do it just to try it


keep in touch
we didn't have to say much
but we both knew in our own way
how to make us forget all of yesterday
keep in touch
please, won't you keep in touch
won't you stay a while longer
before it goes all the way behind us?
i don't know if i should still be mad anymore
you're kinda all that i adore
your face won't leave my memory
oh please
the way you looked at me
when you saw the light in me
the type of look to struck you with hope
i hope you are still not alone
stay in touch
we never had to say much
but we both knew when we met with our eyes
we never knew it would be the last time
keep in touch, why won't you ever stay much?
can't you just try something new for once
i might surprise you
i just might
i promise you